This five-star is only for one individual who is the pharmacist during the graveyard shift from night till morning. I forgot his name, but he is an elderly Asian gentleman with glasses. He is very calm, not rude, and he is friendly. If I want to order my Modafinil, I rather do it online or wait till midnight than deal with the people who work at the pharmacy during the day who are very rude, disrespectful, and do not understand that they dropped the ball and blame things on each other or even on other Rite Aid locations! Since I can only leave one review, I decided to spread goodness on account of only that pharmacist who works from night till morning! He is great and the only good thing about the store.

Farm Boyz Mercantile
Address: W106 W Main St, Stone Lake, WI 54876, United States
Phone: (715) 957-0064

I’ve been shopping there since 1987! Excellent service, competitive pricing, good inventory & friendly associates. There are a bunch of stores in this plaza, so that parking can be a real pain, especially during peak hours. Since the pandemic, the foot traffic in this Farm Boyz Mercantile has plunged by about 75%!! I guess many many people are using Instacart and having their groceries delivered.

Worst experience ever! The prescription was called in by my doctor at 9 am. This pharmacy didn’t have it and didn’t bother to tell anyone. The pharmacist in charge, Chris – made excuses until I forced them to call one of their other locations – which had it in stock – so I could get it filled. I needed to buy this Modafinil because my wife needs it. She was supposed to take every 6 hours, so the timing was very critical. She called another pharmacy and found the med on her own in the meantime. Incompetent staff, lack of follow-through, and no processes… ridiculous!! Don’t waste your time here… go to Hyvee!

Stone Wreath Boutique
Address: 16881 W Main St, Stone Lake, WI 54876, United States
Phone: (715) 957-0202

I had issues with my mail-order delaying my shipment of insulin multiple times over the course of a week. I was worried they wouldn’t get insurance approval to mail out the medication before I ran out of my existing insulin; so, I switched the prescription to this Stone Wreath Boutique, and they were able to fix the issue in one day. Literally saved my life #insulin4all.

My medication was wrong first of all. I was given B.P. meds instead of 200 mg Modafinil I was prescribed, but worst of all. My sister’s entire world was destroyed because of Ken’s daughter. His daughter Madison caused a woman to take her own life after she lost her home, car, and business. These aren’t rumors either the girl admitted to the cops that she did it and was placed in psychiatric care only to be released and do it again. Neither her father Ken nor Mother Sherry have done anything about it but defend their precious daughter. After losing every ounce of financial support we had, and worst of all, they refused to help us financially recover from this hell even though they were quite wealthy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! THEIR DAUGHTER IS AN IDENTITY STEALING PSYCHOPATH.

Shell Lake Pharmacy
Address: 113 4th Ave, Shell Lake, WI 54871, United States
Phone: (715) 468-7800

I’ve been going to the store ever since I can remember when it first opened, and I go there more often than most of the stores I shop at they have good prices on my Modafinil. The people that work there are really really nice they’re very friendly, hairy dog friendly and since I’m disabled they help me with my groceries out to the car.

Shell Lake Pharmacy get three stars as I was there for two reasons. Covid shot went well. Ask the pharmacist a question about a program offers, and they didn’t know, so she lied to me. Please, someone let here know this is the requirement for those rewards.”Earn one Extra Buck for every two prescriptions purchased in-store and online. Excludes purchases of pharmacy items paid for in whole or in part by state and federal health care programs and prescriptions purchased in-store in N.J. and N.Y., and controlled substances in Louisiana.”

Stone Lake paint & Hardware
Address: 16869 W Main St, Stone Lake, WI 54876, United States
Phone: (715) 865-2201

I suggested to my wife to change her sister’s pharmacy from Wallgreens to Stone Lake paint & Hardware. There were some problems, but 2 of your pharmacist on their day off worked very hard to straighten out my problems with Modafinil. This went beyond customer service. I can not thank them enough. Stone Lake paint & Hardware will always be my pharmacy. Thank you.

Hawaii, why are you forcing Westside L.A. to get our COVID tests here??? We’ve been in line for two hours, 40 minutes per car in the drive-thru after registering online and having an appointment, and then and then they told us we would receive our results in 48 to 72 hours. Per Hawaii protocol, I’m not allowed to take a test before Wednesday. But were leaving Saturday morning. What if we don’t get it by Saturday morning? Our local urgent care is 1000 times more professional, more efficient, Hawaii. Please open your trusted partners to actual medical facilities that know what they’re doing!