What is now Pine Ridge started back in the late 1800’s. The original building was built by O.H. Ingram and it was used as a fishing cabin. O.H. Ingram used a steam yacht called “Fannie Ingram” to bring parties to the head of Long Lake where it was moored. Horse drawn wagons were sent to bring the fishermen to Sissabagama Lake.

In 1919, the property was purchased by Oscar Kubnick. Oscar soon decided to take in paying guests. He gathered several men together to raise the roof of the Lodge and add a second story of sleeping rooms. The building still stands on the shore of the lake to the front right of the restaurant entrance.

Each year a few cabins were added until there were fourteen units in all, plus the bar. In the late 1970’s, owners Ken and Sandy Knutson built the restaurant and upstairs living quarters onto the lodge building.

The owner in the early 1980’s, Harold Lamsen, sold off the cabins as condos. They are privately owned and operated as Pine Ridge Condo Association. The restaurant and bar is currently owned by Mike and Kathy Snyder. It was purchased from Norb Zielinksi in 1996.

To the best of our knowledge, the previous owners were:

1890 O.H. Ingram, Rice Lake Lumber Co. President

1910 Charles Winter / Fredick W. Urbahns

1919 Oscar and Alma Kubnick

1945 Loyd Larson

1963 William and Terry Herelman

1966 Al and Gertrude Aagard

1973 Leslie and Betty Saumweber

1977 Ken and Sandy Knutson

1981 Harold and Virginia Lamsen

1983 Norbert and Jeane Zielinski

If you have any additional knowledge of Pine Ridge or old photos and would like to share, please contact us.


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