I mostly use pharmacy services. First, the bad: Long lines in the drive-through and the pharmacists are extremely busy. Inside the store on other items, prices can be a bit high. Watch out for coupon “tricks” like an advertised price only if you buy two or more. The pros: This is a good place to go because they often have medicine that other places do not. By other places, I refer to Kroger and Walgreens. Inside, you can print photos, shop, pick up your medicine, and the CVS minute clinic is pretty good for things like the flu. Also, if you are in a rush to pick up medicine, call ahead! Pharmacists can help in many situations. Finally, use CVS text messaging service to know when your medicine is ready.

Northern Lakes Co-op Pharmacy
Address: 15846 US Hwy 63, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
Phone: (715) 634-8238
Website: https://www.thriftywhitecoop.com/

They are very helpful, or some of them at least I never have problems with Gary, Kim, David, Sherry, and there are like two more that are always nice and friendly. I know that the younger girl is kind of snotty&mean! But I don’t even pay attention to that kind of nonsense anyway! Other than that, they’re all ready to help out and greet me when I go in.

This review only goes to the great pharmacist, Bill. I have been having complications with having my Ivermectin ready when they are not and some not even requested. Some of the issues are from other people. I just want to put out there that Bill did a great job handling my situation and doing everything he could. He went out of his way to tell me a shot would be more expensive if I got here rather than the dr office. He also worked to track down a missing med request. The service at Northern Lakes Co-op Pharmacy isn’t great, but I really appreciate the attention I got from him. Thank you so much, Bill!

Marketplace Pharmacy
Address: 10514 Main St, Railroad St, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
Phone: (715) 634-1817
Website: https://www.marketplacefoodswi.com/

This was my first time going to this Marketplace Pharmacy. We just moved to Florida 2 months ago. I had to pick up a prescription. Beth was so helpful. I appreciate the time she took to check on my prescription costs. I do wish the drive-up window was cleaner. Bugs and other crud are hanging from the windows – a big turn-off.

This pharmacy has gone from being sort of fine to be a complete disaster. No matter how far ahead of your script is sent, you’ll have to wait at least 30 minutes. Today, they gave me Ivermectin for my mom without a few tablets. This was after calling to check my script was ready and being put on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up. Not sure how they expected me to measure 6 ml, but they clearly don’t care. Marketplace Pharmacy is nearby and has stellar customer service. Take your business there.

Red Schoolhouse Wines
Address: 5768N 4th St S, Stone Lake, WI 54876, United States
Phone: (715) 865-5038
Website: http://redschoolhousewines.com/

Very helpful and friendly staff. Their pharmacists are very knowledgeable and always willing to come to speak with you about your medications – very high-quality medications at affordable prices, even without insurance. They have Ivermectin too. I love going to Red Schoolhouse Wines!

This Red Schoolhouse Wines has caused a loss of 2 jobs! I took my first covid shot here and then lost my card. I called the corporate office, who told me to go back and they would replace this card so I could receive my second shot! Everyone else could pull up their shots on the website, but mine was never put on the computer! After taking to the manager who both gave me the second shot and did not put the record on the computer? She replaced my shot record form with a missing lot number and wrote in an extra shot! Well, it didn’t take my job long to believe that this was a fraud! I went back to confront what they had found, and she again wrote a replacement. I also asked her why my second shot was not put on the computer because the manager gave me this shot again! Well, because these dates didn’t match the original record, I lost my job! Well, she still has hers! The fact that nobody has done anything, not even an apology, has me wanting to share this story with everybody! These people don’t care! And good luck

Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy
Address: 11134N WI-77 Ste A, Hayward, WI 54843, United States
Phone: (715) 634-6774
Website: https://www.essentiahealth.org/

I had a prescription today, and when I contacted Essentia Health-Hayward Pharmacy, they were amazing and Ivermectin only cost 1/5 of the price of a chain pharmacy. It made me so glad not to have to spend as much as the chain stores, and the lady on the phone was super helpful and clear with the instructions on how to take it.

I see why they have a 1.7 rating!!!! The automated system called me to let me know my prescription was ready only to get here, stand in line, and be told I had nothing! Then I waited in another line to see what was going on, had to WAIT AGAIN for them to get it ready, and then stand in line AGAIN to get the prescriptions once they were ready!!! Ugh, it took 40 mins to get a prescription that was supposedly ready!!!! I can say that the pharmacist, Keith was super quick and nice. He’s the only reason for the three stars.